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Grower Reports > Vegetables
Nitrogen-Fixing Microbes

TWIN-N nitrogen-fixing microbes are being used on local crops and to date growers are very pleased with the results.

Lettuce, celery, potatoes, cauliflower, greenhouse and broad acre crops have all shown amazing results with impressive reductions of chemical inputs being achieved.

This means great savings for farmers who have been hit with dramatic rises in the price of chemical fertilisers and synthetic nitrogen inputs in recent years.

One farming enterprise has shown, (over a 10 week period) savings on nitrogenous fertilisers of more than $3000.00 over what they would normally use, with improvements in crop quality and production.

Some growers are claiming almost 100% cuts on these impressive looking vegetable crops, where they would rarely present every plant for sale at the market in the past.

Twin-N is dramatically reducing the carbon footprint for these growers producing around only 1.44kgs Co2:ha. This in comparison to urea which produces around 4kgs:kg:ha of Co2.

Therefore, using 50kgs urea per hectare produces an astounding 200kgsCo2:ha.
Local celery growers Steve & Greg Gaskin are very pleased with results from Twin-N and Bio-Tech Organics biological inputs, which they have used now for around 12 years

Twin-N on Cauliflower- one application
To maximise returns from his almond property Jim Belehris grows a cash crop of pumpkins or watermelons during the summer months.

These photos show his current crop of pumpkins which have been grown under biological principals using humates, Nutri-guano granules and Phoslife liquid, along with 4/20 microbes, Twin-N and a tiny amount of ammonium sulfate.
Bio-Humate FF50 has also been applied over the last 3 years.
Pumpkins grown biologically. Healthy & disease free!
Low Carbon Footprint Potatoes
Virginia potato & celery growers, Steve & Greg Gaskin have been extremely surprised and delighted by their ability to grow this fantastic crop of potatoes, without the use of synthetic nitrogen side dressings.

Using a prescription blend from Bio-Tech Organics before planting and dusting the potato seed with OF54 Energizer along with 'Platform' arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi, their crop did not receive 1kg of chemical nitrogen, for the entire cropping cycle.

FF50 Bio-Humate, gypsum, basalt, ammonium sulfate and chicken manure pellets made up the pre-plant blend. "The spuds really took off from emergence and didn't look like they needed any nitrogen fertiliser" said Steve.

"All we used during the growing season was Multi-Plex Triple Ten, together with Nutri-Life Bio-Plex @ only 500mls:ha sprayed onto the crop and they grew extremely well, without the common practice of several hundred kgs of chemical nitrogen, which saved us a lot." said Steve.

"We are really pleased with the result and are extremely happy with the combination of OF54 'Energizer' and 'Platform', as we have seen an immediate response an all the plantings where we have applied it. We will be using this combination on all our crops in future." said Steve

Locally grown carrots using competitor products.
Compared to other carrot crops in the district the visual difference is quite distinctive. Plant colour being the obvious.
Other locally grown carrots using competitor products.
Reduced Synthetic Fertiliser

Marino Pasin is another local grower who relies on Twin-N for several of his vegetable crops. These include lettuce, onions, potatoes and sweet corn.

Using Twin-N on his crops, Marino has saved thousands of dollars in reduced nitrogen applications whilst still maintaining high yields and excellent quality.
Quality lettuce using Twin-N and the Biological approach from Bio-Tech Organics. Minimal leaching, less fungicides and reduced pesticide applications.
Corn thrives on Twin-N
Jim Belehris was extremely pleased with this crop of pumpkins in Cooltong.
Local Virginia carrot growers John & Jeff Bergamin having switched to Nutri-Tech products, PLATFORM, TRIPLE TEN, CALCIUM FULVATE & SHUTTLE-7 are extremely pleased with the results on their latest crop of carrots.

John commented that since using these high analysis, high quality products from NTS, he has seen a dramatic difference in quality and yield of the carrots they have been growing over the last couple of years.

"The carrots are a lot sweeter and with a much deeper colour, compared to others in the market and what we were producing before using these Nutri-Tech products" said John.

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