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Grower Reports > Broad Acre
VAM-Tech + Seed Energizer vs Pickled Seed

A recent trial on wheat in the mid-north using a brew of VAM-Tech sprayed onto seed prior to planting, along with an application of Bio-Tech's Biologically rich 'Seed Energizer' is showing great early results for cereal crops.

Brewed VAM-Tech has been applied to wheat at the rate of 20litres: ton seed with the Seed Energizer powder being dusted onto the damp seed, maximizing germination and root growth.

A simple brewing procedure ensures high numbers of fresh spores which, when sprayed onto the seed just prior to planting, colonise the rhizosphere, whilst the biologically rich Energizer powder supplies the necessary trace elements, carbon base, other beneficial microorganisms and most importantly Humic and Fulvic acid, to the emerging crop.
Larger root systems equal better moisture, nitrogen and phosphorus uptake whilst the beneficial microbes provide assistance to plants with greater biological balance in the rhizosphere.

Having used these concepts for more than 18 years in horticulture crops with great success, Bio-Tech Organics is embarking on delivering broadacre solutions for farmers which are extremely cost effective, compared to alternatives being offered currently.

The total cost to inoculate a ton of seed (considering all the necessary high quality products involved in the brewing process) works out at only $18.00 per ton of seed, which is a huge saving compared to alternative concepts which cost around $180.00 per ton of seed.

When selecting biological inputs for your farm it pays to select only the best, tried and proven products for the task at hand.

Bio-Tech Organics, in conjunction with it's partners Nutri-Tech Solutions (world leaders in biological farming) and Ferbon, (humate specialists with over 30years experience) has a complete range of the highest quality products, along with simple, inexpensive brewing kits to help farmers maximize their returns for very little cost.

Assessing 'Brix' levels on the 6th August showed 5 degrees higher on the VAM + Energizer crop over the pickled seed. 12 brix vs 7.

More info on these trials to come.
Liquid Microbe Food
Only the best quality high performance products are used in our brews, to maximize beneficial microorganism numbers.
Pickled Seed
Pickled Seed
Pickled Seed
Pickled seed, sparsely germinated.
VAM + Energizer
VAM + Energizer Right
VAM + Energizer
VAM + Energizer
Biotech Seed Energizer Powder
Biotech's Seed Energizer Powder. Packed with super-rich, biologically active ingredients, for faster and more robust germination of cereal crops.
VAM + Energizer
VAM + Energizer. Denser, more robust plantings.
VAM + Energizer
VAM + Energizer. Improved germination, leaf colour and growth.
Nutri-Life 4/20
Nutri-Life 4/20. Microbe concentrate. Proven for over 15 years in SA.

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