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Services > Soil Testing
Bio-Tech Organics in conjunction with Soil Value (NTS) is now offering farmers a soil testing service through the Brookside Agricultural Laboratory, located in the USA. Bio-Tech Organics believes the analytical results of one of the largest agricultural laboritories in the world, to be both accurate and reliable, with a fast turnaround time of approximately 10 working days.

Soil testing kits are available from our Biological Farming Centre, or we can post a sampling kit to you on request. Cost for a full analysis is around $69.00 + gst (conditions apply) including: major and secondary elements, TEC (total exchange capacity)and base saturation percentages, colloidal organic matter,pH, phosphate, salinity & Ec, Ca:Mg ratio, trace elements and REAMS.

The report comes in easy to understand colour graph format with target levels Vs levels found for all elements, based on 'Albrecht' extraction methods.

Included is our free 'Crop Monitor' fertility report, with suggestions for soil amelioration and nutrient balance, a microbe program and an interim feeding program for growers to apply, if they so desire.

For farmers who have had soil tests with other companies, Bio-Tech Organics have qualified consulting agronomists on hand to evaluate those tests, and will provide reports on the results to farmers FREE OF CHARGE. Just email the results to us and one of our consultants will return the reports within 2-3 working days.
Click on the image to see an example of a soil analysis report.
Click on the image to see a copy of a soil analysis.

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