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Biotech Organics
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South Australian agribusiness supplier & Eco-Ag consultants Bio-Tech Organics, is a pioneer in carbon-based farming methods, having commenced operations in 1990 selling fish fertilisers and humate based materials to local horticulture growers in South Australia.
The company runs a Biological Farming Centre in Virginia on the Northern Adelaide plains, providing farmers with state-of-the-art carbon-based fertiliser products, specialist biological inputs and practical knowledge in sustainable farming systems developed by the company over 26 years.
The Virginia Bio-centre sits in the hub of the northern Adelaide plains horticulture district with some 700 hectares of greenhouse crops and many more hectares of potatoes, onions, carrots, olives, almonds, cut flowers, wine grapes, cereals and pasture, on the doorstep.
With intensive, chemically-based farming being practiced here for more than 50 years there are many problems being faced by local farmers, particularly the build-up of salinity and resistance to pesticides and fungicides by pest species, a major problem in the district. The adoption of biological farming methods is being made by many growers, with tremendous benefits to production, quality and environmental issues being achieved.
"Balance is crucial to sustainable agriculture systems, however, many of the farms we survey are very much out-of-balance, particularly in the area of soil fertility and biology, a forerunner to unsustainable practices and less than optimum production. Soil humus (carbon) levels for example, are crucial to a viable and productive farm, and yet most of the soils we have tested over the years are extremely low in soil carbon. Humus management is a vital component to the sustainability of agricultural soils, maximizing crop water-use efficiency and ecosystems conservation. Colloidal humus is possibly the most overlooked element in soil fertility management and crop production systems, due mainly to the emphasis on synthetic nutrient inputs, particularly NPK," says senior consultant and Managing Director, John Norton
"The proliferation of beneficial soil organisms and the retention and exchange of major, secondary and micro-nutrients is compromised with declining soil humus content. With the addition of carbon-based materials to soils, cation exchange capacity is enhanced, so too moisture retention, pH and excess buffering, phosphate release, natural nitrogen fixation and disease suppression by soil microbes.
Humus depletion is a major concern for all agricultural activities, as high nutritional value crop production relies heavily on soil organisms and the natural cycling of nutrients to produce top quality crops.
"Plant photosynthesis, from which all living things are dependent, is driven by the carbon cycle, which is reliant on organic matter as an energy source. The level of humus in productive soils should therefore be protected, and managed in such a way as to build levels for the longer term and ultimate sustainability of these agricultural ecosystems ", says Mr Norton.
Bio-Tech Organics distributes a vast range of carbon-based and biological products second-to-none and believes the experience gained over many years, together with the high-tech Eco-Ag products on offer, can help progressive farmers gain a comprehensive understanding of the concepts of biological agriculture to help them change the way they farm without any misconceptions. Bio-Tech Organics supplies a range of products for use in all areas of plant production, whether for broad acre farming, horticulture, nursery, viticulture, golf clubs and turf or the home garden, Bio-Tech Organics has the lot. Bio-Tech Organics draws from manufacturers who are dedicated to the reduction of chemical inputs in the food chain and the environment, using products and programs to educate growers in a brand new style of plant systems management.
Many new ideas are evolving and Bio-Tech Organics is at the forefront of these new concepts.
It seems logical, that in the quest to produce clean, green food of high nutrient density, that chemical inputs should be phased out or reduced wherever possible. Why is it necessary to spray a tomato or cucumber crop with poison substances 20-30 times in a season, when non-toxic alternatives are now available. Many consumers are unaware of the amount of poisons which are allowed to be sprayed over the very food they eat.
Bio-Tech Organics can assist growers in targeting their inputs for the benefit of the farmer, consumer and environment. For all farmers the bottom line is vital to the on-going farm enterprise, so costs are a major consideration in formulating programs to suit various crop production systems.
Products which help to conserve water are high on the list for Bio-Tech Organics, so too microbial products which enhance the soil food-web, helping plants grow naturally in a more conducive environment.
Bio-Tech Organics agents are located throughout South Australia and other states. To locate your nearest agent just give us a call. Products and services are available through most rural retail stores, ELDERS, LANDMARK, EE MUIR & SONS, CRT, AIRR and some independents. If you are unsure just ask your nearest rural retail store Manager to contact us.

Our Virginia Biological Farming Store is open Monday to Friday from 8:00am to 4:30pm and Saturdays from 8:00am to 12:00 midday

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