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PRODUCT CATEGORY:  Micronised Mineral Suspensions
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Plant available calcium and phosphate, together in a single, high-analysis product, is not normally a possibility. The non-ionic nature of MMS products allows this highly productive combination.

A high-analysis source of micronised guano combined in a free-flowing suspension with fulvic acid. Calcium and phosphate are the two principle elements involved in photosynthesis and plant sugar production but it is not normally possible to combine them in a single fertiliser due to their incompatibility. Phos-Life™ represents a rare fusion of these two elements in a plant available form.


•Biological Farmers of Australia (BFA) Registered Product 456AI.

•A rare and unique source of organic liquid phosphate.

•Also contains high levels of calcium. Calcium and phosphate are the governors of plant health and high brix levels.

•Soluble calcium and phosphate are normally incompatible in ionic form, but not in micronised, colloidal form.

•The combination of plant-available calcium and phosphate generates tremendous energy in the soil.

•Phos-Life™ also contains a rich lode of trace elements, including good levels of zinc.

•The mineral component can become plant available within days.
•Far more compatible with other inputs compared with MAP/DAP or calcium nitrate.

•Particularly applicable when nitrogen or phosphates are not required in conjunction with calcium, i.e. MAP, DAP, calcium nitrate, etc.

•Easy convenient application.

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