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Product Price  Short Description

Manganese Sulphate Mono Click for detailed descriptionManganese Sulphate in soluble form.
Ideal for use in prescription blends or as a liquid for foliar applications.
Analysis: Manganese 31.86%
Available in 25kg bags.
MAP Granular Click for detailed descriptionMono Ammonium Phosphate granular fertilizer. High grade phosphorus and nitrogen fertilizer suited to broadacre cropping.
Analysis: Total N:11%:P19.10% , prill size (1-4mm)

Mono Ammonium Phosphate Tech Grade Click for detailed descriptionMono ammonium sulphate in soluble form suited to hydroponic crops.
Analysis: Phosphorus 26.80% Nitrogen 12.08%
Available in 25kg bags.
Mono Potassium Phosphate Tech Grade Click for detailed descriptionPotassium and Phosphorus in a soluble form suited to hydroponic crops
Analysis: Phosphorus 22.5% Potassium as (K) 28%
Available in 25kg bags.
Potassium Sulphate Granular Click for detailed descriptionLow chloride, high grade potassium sulphate granular, suitable for all horticulture crops, where potassium levels are low.
Analysis: Potash (as K) 40% min Sulphate 17.8% Chlorides 1.5% max
Potassium Sulphate Powder Click for detailed descriptionPotassium sulphate soluble powder (low chlorides) suited to hydroponic crops or fertigation in horticulture.
Analysis : Potassium (as K) 41.2% Sulphate (as S) 17.8%
Available in 25kg bags.
Zinc Sulphate Click for detailed descriptionZinc sulphate in a soluble form for use in foliar applications or prescription blends.
Available in 25kg bags.


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