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Tamu-Skin Click for pdf file in new window
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Click for detailed descriptionTamuSkin™

Melanesian Miracle Oil. Discover the amazing benefits of Pure Tamanu Oil.

Tamanu Oil is an amazing traditional Melanesian skin care treatment used for centuries in Vanuatu and Tahiti. This 'miracle oil' can be used on almost any skin ailment with incredible results. Organic Tamanu Oil has the extraordinary ability to promote the regeneration of new tissue, encouraging rapid repair and the development of healthy skin.

"Research is constantly revealing remarkable medicinal qualities in exotic and native plant species. Occasionally, one of these plant extracts is shown to possess such remarkable qualities that it becomes a staple in every bathroom cabinet. Aloe vera and tea tree oil are prime examples. In recent years a new plant extract from Vanuatu has emerged as a prime contender in the super oil stakes. This pacific powerhouse is called Tamanu oil."


May regenerate skin.

Offers comprehensive skin support – including anti-aging.

Super penetrative offering exceptional cell hydration.

Features a unique fatty acid called calophyllic acid.

Our Tamanu Oil is the purest available - Always get the best for maximum benefit.

Whenever a culture has regarded a plant material as "sacred", then it is usually safe to assume that it is something special. The Tamanu tree (Calophyllum tacamahaca) is indigenous to tropical South East Asia and has long been considered a sacred gift from nature for skin protection and healing. A 3 metre, mature tree blooms twice a year, producing a circular, yellow skinned fruit containing a large nut. The kernel from within this nut is cured for up to two months until it produces a dark, thick, sticky oil. At this point the kernels are cold-pressed to generate a rch, yellow green oil. It takes a 100kgs of Tamanu fruit ( the complete yield of a mature tree) to produce just 5 litres of cold pressed oil. This oil exhibits a remarkable range of benefits and the increasing international awareness of these attributes is offering much needed employment opportunities for small communities. When Tamanu oil is scientifically scrutinised it does indeed justify its "sacred" reputation. It offers multi dimensional skin support but perhaps the greatest claim to fame relates to cicatrisation.

Tamu-Skin Rejuvenation Butter Click for detailed descriptionTamuSkin™ Rejuvenation Butter

Tamanu oil is the sacred Melanesian plant extract that sustains the flawless pacific complexion. Moisturise and revitalise with luxuriant organics. Experience the miracle botanical, tamanu oil. Enriched with cocoa butter, virgin coconut oil and papaya.

“TamuSkin™ Rejuvenation Butter is based upon a unique oil with remarkable benefits. Tamanu Oil has been used for centuries amongst Pacific cultures but science has only just begun to quantify the powerful active components that have driven this prolonged success. Try the ultimate body moisturiser with skin healing properties."

The extraordinary botanical Tamanu Oil is the essence of vibrant skin health, offering unique rejuvenation and repair. Fused with the rich antioxidants of cocoa, the healing hydration of coconut oil and the nourishing fruit enzymes of papaya, this unparalleled formulation is a masterwork of nature's chemistry.

Vita-Green Defence Click for detailed descriptionVita-Green Defence™

Vita-Green Defence™ features the energy-building power of pre-digested super-greens like spirulina and cereal grasses combined with the exciting phytonutrients derived from pre-digested vegetables including broccoli, carrots, cabbage, corn, beets and ginger. The multicoloured pigments from these vegetables have been shown to deliver many nutritional benefits.

Protective pigments like lutein, lycopene, beta-carotene and anthocyanin have become catchwords for phytonutrient research in nutritional science. The growing understanding of these 'defence foods' heralds the dawn of a new era of science-based nutrition."

The microbe-nurturing, 'slow-dry' technology involved in the production of this powdered concentrate delivers a truly special food. Colour is the new catchword in proactive nutrition and many of the most sought-after pigments are present in this product. This really is the best green powder available.


•Sulforaphane- a powerful phytonutrient naturally present in brassicas.

•Concentrated carotenes derived from spirulina and carrots.

•A unique plant-based source of Vitamin B12 and GLA.

•Pre-digested beetroot is a rich source of anthocyanins.

•Spirulina is the ultimate functional food.

•Wheatgrass and barley grass offer raw energy.

•Contains billions of beneficial gut organisms.

•The highest quality green supplement. 

•No artificial colouring, flavouring or preservatives.


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