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PRO-GLOW Click for detailed descriptionProGlow™

Do you realise that the prostate gland is the centre of male sexuality? Sexual pleasure and performance are directly dependent upon prostate health.

The vast majority of men will experience some form of prostate problem in their lifetime. In fact, prostate cancer is set to become the largest killer of Australian males. Prostate health should be a major priority for males of any age.

ProGlow™ is a comprehensive, next-generation formula for prostate wellness. We have successfully combined over 40 proven prostate boosters in a potent superfood breakthrough that has never been achieved before. ProGlow™ offers multidimensional, proactive support without the negative side effects of drug therapy.

Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH) or prostate enlargement is so common that it is virtually considered 'normal'. Perhaps this is why so many meekly suffer the associated urinary disruption and sexual malfunction with barely a whimper of discontent. It is not normal that 95% of men go to their graves with some form of prostate problem (even if it didn't put them there). The health and longevity of this little sex gland has dramatically deteriorated during the last few decades.

ProGlow™ is the recipe to successfully reclaim responsibility for prostate health and reduce our reliance on pharmaceuticals and intrusive medical procedures. Discover the multiple benefits of a revitalised prostate gland by trialling ProGlow™ for yourself.

Red-Gold Click for detailed descriptionRed Gold™

Red Gold™ - Organic, Virgin Red Palm Oil is sustainably farmed and is the highest quality available. Our oil is processed up to 10 times faster than standard palm oil products to ensure the natural goodness and nutritional benefits are preserved.

Twenty-three different carotenes contribute to the rich ochre colour of this nutrient-dense oil, including beta carotene and lycopene. This organic red palm oil also contains seven of the eight forms of Vitamin E. In fact, it contains the highest levels of carotenes and Vitamin E of any food. World renowned chefs are now actively promoting the flavour enhancing qualities of this nutritious oil.

"The question of which oils to embrace and which oils to avoid is a critically important decision. Saturated fats have been demonised in modern dietary dogma, when in fact some of these fats are both protective and incredibly beneficial. The medium chain fatty acids found in Red Palm Oil are infinitely superior to the hydrogenated trans-fats found in most cooking oils. Red Gold is the world's healthiest cooking oil, capable of turning fried food from a liability to a legacy!"


•Lycopene has been shown to promote the cell death of unwanted, "distorted" cells and it is also a powerful free radical scavenger.

•Red Palm Oil contains luxury levels of pro-vitamin A.

•Red Palm Oil contains medium chain fatty acids which are not stored as fat, in the manner of long chain fatty acids.

•The phenomenal tocotrienal component of this oil is a remarkable 'brain friendly' nutrient.

•Vitamin E is an important nutrient for the heart.

•Carotenes work synergistically to quell free radical fires and are far more powerful when supplied as a team rather than in isolation.

•Very high 'smoke point' - great for cooking.

This delicious cooking oil is exceptionally stable due to a combination of a high percentage of beneficial saturated fats combined with a massive antioxidant component which reduces oxidation during cooking. In fact, Red Gold™ is the world's most nutritious cooking oil.

Stevia Drops Click for detailed descriptionStevia Drops™

Stevia is a sweet natural herb extract from the leaf of Stevia Rebaudiana that does not contain calories. This amazing sugar alternative is many times sweeter than sucrose and has been used for hundreds of years in Asia and South America. Our Stevia Drops are organic and don't have the bitter aftertaste often associated with other inferior alternatives.

"Stevia is the perfect solution for those seeking to lower sugar intake to reduce pancreatic stress and the free radicals associated with carbohydrate excess. It is a rare natural sweetener with no glycemic index (GI), no calories and no side effects."


•Assists in maintaining a healthy digestive system. If digestive symptoms persist, seek medical advice.

•Nourishes the pancreas and maintains healthy pancreatic function.

•Has been used for hundreds of years in South America and Asia.

Three recently completed studies involving centenarians revealed that the common denominator in their longevity was low blood insulin. Blood insulin increases with all carbohydrate intake and many of us are over consuming simple carbohydrates in the modern diet. Stevia is a safe, natural solution.

This South American herb is 200 times sweeter than sugar with none of the negatives. It does not contribute to obesity, heart disease and diabetes. It does not spike blood insulin or shorten lives. Four drops is equivalent to a teaspoon of sugar and there is none of the addictive qualities that have been attributed to the processed sugar that fuels the craving for junk food.

Sweet-Sure Click for detailed descriptionSweetSure™

Xylitol is virtually the reverse image of sugar, involving a Glycemic Index of just 7, versus 70 for sugar. It contains 40% less calories and 75% less carbohydrates but most importantly, it does not exhaust the pancreas via of production of insulin, like sugar does.

Xylitol is an important natural sweetener largely found in berries, plums and birch trees. It is also produced in our own bodies. Xylitol is as sweet as sugar and can be used in cooking, cereals, beverages and desserts. Use SweetSure™ at equivalent rates to sugar. "Sugar is our biggest killer! Consumption has increased from 5Kg per person per year in 1900 to 70Kg per person per year in 2000. Overconsumption of sugar can be linked to every degenerative disease. In fact, research suggests that diabetes is the coming 'plague' with as many as 1 in 3 adults considered pre-diabetic. Sugar is also incredibly addictive so safe substitutes have an important role to play for those with an incurable sweet tooth."


•Reduces Carbohydrate Cravings

•An important sugar substitute

•Free from aspartame

•Does not support tooth plaque or Candida

•Freshens breath

•Features a health-supporting, low Glycemic Index

•Non-Addictive (Unlike sugar)

Tamu-Skin Click for pdf file in new window
344 Kb
Click for detailed descriptionTamuSkin™

Melanesian Miracle Oil. Discover the amazing benefits of Pure Tamanu Oil.

Tamanu Oil is an amazing traditional Melanesian skin care treatment used for centuries in Vanuatu and Tahiti. This 'miracle oil' can be used on almost any skin ailment with incredible results. Organic Tamanu Oil has the extraordinary ability to promote the regeneration of new tissue, encouraging rapid repair and the development of healthy skin.

"Research is constantly revealing remarkable medicinal qualities in exotic and native plant species. Occasionally, one of these plant extracts is shown to possess such remarkable qualities that it becomes a staple in every bathroom cabinet. Aloe vera and tea tree oil are prime examples. In recent years a new plant extract from Vanuatu has emerged as a prime contender in the super oil stakes. This pacific powerhouse is called Tamanu oil."


May regenerate skin.

Offers comprehensive skin support – including anti-aging.

Super penetrative offering exceptional cell hydration.

Features a unique fatty acid called calophyllic acid.

Our Tamanu Oil is the purest available - Always get the best for maximum benefit.

Whenever a culture has regarded a plant material as "sacred", then it is usually safe to assume that it is something special. The Tamanu tree (Calophyllum tacamahaca) is indigenous to tropical South East Asia and has long been considered a sacred gift from nature for skin protection and healing. A 3 metre, mature tree blooms twice a year, producing a circular, yellow skinned fruit containing a large nut. The kernel from within this nut is cured for up to two months until it produces a dark, thick, sticky oil. At this point the kernels are cold-pressed to generate a rch, yellow green oil. It takes a 100kgs of Tamanu fruit ( the complete yield of a mature tree) to produce just 5 litres of cold pressed oil. This oil exhibits a remarkable range of benefits and the increasing international awareness of these attributes is offering much needed employment opportunities for small communities. When Tamanu oil is scientifically scrutinised it does indeed justify its "sacred" reputation. It offers multi dimensional skin support but perhaps the greatest claim to fame relates to cicatrisation.

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