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PRODUCT CATEGORY:  Chicken Manure Pellets
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Katek Organic fertiliser Click for detailed descriptionKatek Organic fertiliser is a multi-purpose, value for money, poultry manure fertiliser. USDA NOP & BFA Certified.
Available in 25kg bags & Bulka bags
Katek Potting Mix Click for detailed description
Katek Potting Mix
A premium quality indoor and outdoor potting mix, tested by Sydney Environmental Soil Laboratory. Contains moisture aid as a wetting agent and 140 day Nutricote slow release fertiliser.

KATEK SUPER GRASS Click for detailed descriptionKatek Super Grass is a balanced mix of synthetic and organic fertiliser granules with major and trace elements. Super Grass provides excellent results, for your lawn, to fairways, resorts and pasture applications. Suitable for ALL types of natural and hybrid turf and lawns including Couch, Carpet Grass, Buffalo, Kikuya and Fescues.
Stays greener longer, Super Grass is suitable for plants, vegetables and fruit trees.
Katek Super Growth Pellets Click for pdf file in new window
976 Kb
Click for detailed description
Katek Super Growth Fertiliser Pellets.
This specially formulated fertiliser delivers SUPER GROWTH! USDA NOP & BFA Certified as an allowed input for organic production.
Contains: Composted poultry manure, zeolite, fish meal, blood & bone, rock minerals, natural gypsum, natural phosphate, sulphate of potash & more!

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