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PRODUCT GROUP:  Bio-Tech Organics
PRODUCT CATEGORY:  Prescription Blends
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Basalt rock dust Click for detailed descriptionHigh paramagnetism, high mineral content and ideal microbe food.
Basalt crusher dust is used in all prescription blended fertiliser mixes, maximising energy and microbial activity. Very cost effective, contains magnesium, calcium, manganese, zinc, copper, molybdenum, boron, iron, cobalt, phosphorus and potassium.
Dolomite Lime Click for detailed descriptionCalcium and magnesium are sometimes required together to maintain balance between these two major cations.
Low magnesium dolomite lime is ideal in situations where magnesium saturation can be compromised by adding too much calcium (in the form of ag lime) which reduces the saturation of magnesium in the soil. Dolomite lime can help to maintain magnesium levels whilst building extra calcium onto the clay/humus colloids.
Magnesite Click for detailed descriptionMagnesite is the preferred option when looking to improve the calcium:magnesium ratio in high calcium saturated soils, with low magnesium.
Magnesium is the central ion in the chloroplast molecule and is an essential element for efficient photosynthesis-the most important plant process.
Easily the best value source of magnesium in an ultra fine powdered form, readily converted to plant available forms when mixed with humate composts like FF50 Bio-Humate, Humus Plus 4 or Hydro-Humate.
Contains approximately 49% magnesium, compared to magnesium sulfate at only 9.6%.
Nutri-Lime Click for detailed descriptionNutri-Lime is a high quality, high calcium agricultural lime used in prescription fertiliser blends, to improve the calcium base saturation of soils where calcium is low.
Excellent source of slow release calcium providing a stable food source for beneficial microbes and for correcting the calcium:magnesium ratio in soils.
Potassium sulfate Click for detailed descriptionPotassium sulfate is used in prescription blends where potassium base saturation is shown to be low on soil test results.

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