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Catapult Click for detailed descriptionCatapult is a high grade granular Vesicular Arbuscular Mycorrhizae (VAM) product combined with 2 strains of Bacillus species, specially designed for broad acre air seeding equipment.
The product combines easily with seed or fertiliser at planting and relies on the Bacillus strains to unlock bound phosphorus from soils. This allows for improved access to the phosphorus bank for the VAM fungi and plant root systems.
Nitro-Guard Click for detailed description
Nitro-Guard contains the same proven nitrogen-fixing species as Twin N but with extra Bacillus strains to aid root vigor and tolerance to some root pathogens. Both the Twin N species and the Bacillus strains produce plant growth factors, (especially auxins) that improve root growth, whilst the Bacillus species produce anti-bacterial and anti-fungal compounds which can reduce symptoms associated with tree crop diseases like phytophthera and similar problems.

Microbial Inoculum Technology, putting science into sustainability.
Fix nitrogen
Release bound phosphorus
Improve root vigor
Increase resistance to root pathogens

Nitro-Guard will supply nitrogen steadily to the crop during the season, improving yields and reducing nitrogen costs and its' related carbon footprint

Twin N Click for detailed descriptionTwinN is a reliable, cost effective selection of high yielding nitrogen fixing microbes for use as a soil improver in all crops, leguminous and non-leguminous. TwinN operates by converting atmospheric nitrogen into a plant available form. In effect, TwinN microbes function like millions of tiny nitrogen fertiliser factories to provide nitrogen in a readily available form directly to the plant tissues and root zone. TwinN also improves yields by other mechanisms
TwinN is a freeze-dried biological alternative to traditional nitrogenous fertilisers. Stringent quality control over production ensures that each vial provides consistently high numbers of viable TwinN microbes. Every batch is tested under standardised Quality Control procedures for purity and correct concentration. The freeze drying process results in an extremely concentrated product with a long shelf life. This is a key difference from most biofertiliser products and ensures that each vial of TwinN delivers consistently very high numbers of functional microbes to your crop. The freeze drying process also enables the product to be transported and applied very cost effectively.
TwinN is designed for use in combination with conventional cropping practices where it enables large reductions in the need for chemical nitrogen fertilisers. It is also used in fully organic cropping systems where it has proven to be an effective source of nitrogen.

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