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PRODUCT CATEGORY:  Liquid Fertilisers
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Aloe-Tech Click for pdf file in new window
137 Kb
Click for detailed description Aloe-Tech™

Christopher Columbus identified four crops which he considered indispensable for human survival and well-being - grapes, olives, wheat and aloe vera.

Aloe vera is a powerful botanical activator and plant growth promotant that increases phytoalexin production and improves overall plant health.

Aloe-Tech™ is a whole-leaf aloe vera concentrate (500 % stronger than standard aloe extracts). Research suggests that Aloe-Tech™ is the most powerful fungi booster currently available.


•Biological Farmers of Australia (BFA) Registered Product 456AI.

•An ideal adjunct for microbe multiplication in the soil, on the leaf or during microbe brewing. Biomass increases of over 1000 % have been recorded.

•Features salicylic acid for boosted crop health and response.

•Contains gibberellins and indole acetic acid which promote cell replication (plant growth).

•Includes five polysaccharides with considerable capacity for chelation.

•Contains aloins - aggressive bio-chemicals with a broad-spectrum bio-balancing potential.

•Features saponins, which are proven plant growth promotants and potent fungi food in the soil.

•Includes B group vitamins which can also boost plant growth.
Amino Max Click for pdf file in new window
144 Kb
Click for detailed description Amino-Max

Amino acids chelate, promote and activate but, most importantly, they simplify the protein building process for the plant and the energy saved can be utilised elsewhere.
This potent concentrate of amino acids is derived from enzymatically digested plant protein.
Biological Farmers of Australia (BFA) Registered Product 456AI.
Chelation - Amino acids are highly effective, natural chelating agents.
Protein Building - Amino acids offer an instant, energy-efficient plant nitrogen supply.
Immune Support
Plant Growth Promotion - Several of the amino acids in Amino-Max™ are recognised plant growth promotants.
Enhanced Quality - Amino acids improve the quality and shelf-life of fruit and vegetables.
Promotes the ripening and colouring process in fruit.

Cal-Tech Click for pdf file in new window
115 Kb
Click for detailed descriptionCal-Tech™

Calcium is the trucker of all minerals and boron is the steering wheel.

A liquid calcium product, combining enhanced absorption capacity and bio-stimulation with the highest percentage of chelated calcium in ionic form ever achieved. Cal-Tech™ is chelated with amino acids. Boron, a proven calcium synergist, is also included in the formulation, along with nitrogen, trace elements, natural growth promotants and vitamin B12 (a growth promotant that has been shown to increase calcium uptake and bio-availability).


•Calcium is the single most important nutrient in high-production agriculture and Cal-Tech™ provides rapidly absorbed, chelated liquid calcium.

•Calcium and boron are synergists and part of The Big Four, i.e. four elements that should always be maintained at luxury levels within the plant.

•Boron is directly involved in the translocation of sugars from the leaf to the roots. Half of these sugars are exuded into the root zone to feed beneficial micro-organisms, i.e. boron has a direct biological link.

•Best results are achieved from well-timed, multiple applications. In this context, all crops respond to calcium supplementation during the crop cycle.
Cloak Spray Oil Click for pdf file in new window
130 Kb
Click for detailed descriptionCloak™ Spray Oil

A spreader/sticker/synergist to improve foliar fertiliser response.

An organic blend of emulsified, cold-pressed canola oil and highly penetrative Omega-3 fish oil. Cloak™ is a high quality spreader/sticker synergist which can improve the performance of all foliar fertilisers.


•Biological Farmers of Australia (BFA) Registered Product 456AI.

•Increased target penetration - the natural oils bond with the leaf surface, magnifying the penetration of the spray.

•Drift reduction - the uniformity of droplet size reduces the very fine droplets associated with drift.

•Odour reduction - the oil coats the spray droplet to minimise evaporation of volatile compounds.

•Improved spreading capacity - can be utilised to help overcome the problem of beaded droplets on waxy surfaces. Instead, the spray is evenly spread over the entire treated surface in a thin film.
•Rainfast enhancement - natural oil qualities ensure that the spray is rainfast immediately after application.

•Increased systemic response - the Omega-3 oil is highly penetrative, helping to push foliar nutrients into the plant.

•Neutralising unsuitable spray conditions - drizzle, wind and dew should not be such a problem.

•Ingredients in the Omega-3 fish oil appear to contribute to a plant health response when using Cloak™.

Note: This product is not registered for use with agricultural chemicals including insecticides, herbicides and fungicides.
Farmsaver Calcium Fulvate Click for pdf file in new window
200 Kb
Click for detailed descriptionFarmsaver™ Calcium Fulvate

The poorly translocated calcium ion requires foliar supplementation in all crops.

King calcium in chelated form supported by a trace element blend for background nutrition.


•Calcium governs the uptake of other nutrients. It is also responsible for cell division and cell strength.

•Calcium is the most important of all minerals.

•Fulvic acid and kelp are powerhouse plant growth promoters.
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