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Bio-Bubble Click for detailed descriptionBio-Bubble™

The treatment of symptoms is the method of modern medicine but this reactive approach has failed. The root cause of many problems is poor digestion because beneficial microbes are missing. Antibiotics, food stabilisers, cola, stress, drugs, heavy metals and other toxins have decimated our digestive biology. The MEND™ range offers a proactive solution.

This defence food offers probiotic support that is far more potent than many of the task-specific probiotics.

Bio-Bubble™ contains 40 billion organisms per serve featuring over 200 strains of beneficial gut organisms, including acidophilus and bifidus (in live form). This is a fizzy, fermented liquid derived from the microbial digestion of eight organic cereal grains and several legumes including alfalfa and soybeans. Probiotics are proving to be a much more sustainable solution than antibiotics and their benefits extend far beyond their bio-balancing function.


•Contains food-derived minerals, vitamins, fatty acids and antioxidants, all in biologically digested form.

•Also includes free amino acids, enzymes and billions of beneficial gut organisms.

Digestion is the essence of health and beneficial gut organisms are the key to good digestion. NTS research confirms that the vast majority of our society is digestively compromised. MEND Bio-Bubble™ offers an opportunity to move beyond the treatment of symptoms with a proactive, bio-balancing, fermented food.
Bio-Bubble Gluten Sensitive Click for detailed descriptionBio-Bubble GS™

Bio-Bubble GS™ is a refreshing new lime and mint flavoured version of our probiotic powerhouse. Would you like to dramatically boost your digestion and gain greater access to the nutrients in your food? Health begins in the digestive tract where 100 billion organisms nourish, protect, support and energise their host.

"Digestion is the essence of health and wellbeing. Beneficial gut organisms are the key to good digestion but they can be affected by excessive lifestyles. Bio-Bubble GS helps to address this issue while offering a proactive bio-balancing solution for the Gluten Sensitive."

Bio-Bubble GS™ is a refreshing new lime and mint flavoured version of our popular probiotic product, Bio-Bubble™


•Contains food-derived minerals, vitamins, fatty acids and antioxidants, all in biologically digested form.

•Also includes free amino acids, enzymes and billions of beneficial gut organisms.

•Bio-Bubble GS™ is an alkalising essential to improve your critical acid/alkaline balance.

•These living organisms provide a rapid response, as the activation time required with ‘dormant’ probiotics is not applicable.

•This enzyme-rich, lacto-fermented food serves to replenish your enzyme ‘bank account’.

NTS' market research involving Bio-Bubble™ suggests that there can be tremendous benefits associated with rebuilding the ‘microbe bridge’.

Bio-Spark Click for detailed descriptionBio-Spark™

A multi-function wonder. Vitamin C is not produced in the human body but it is the work-horse of the detoxification system. Antioxidants for the improvement of well being. When stirred in a glass of water, mineral water or fruit juice makes a tangy citrus tasting drink. Vitamin supplementation can only be of assistance if the dietary vitamin intake is inadequate.

"NTS Health has developed one of the most high quality, unique product selections in the holistic health industry. Our philosophy differs from the symptom-treating 'sickness' industry in that our focus is upon the proactive maintenance of optimal wellness."


•Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant which can improve wellbeing.

•Vitamin C regenerates Vitamin E and Glutathione.

•A tasty, tangy vitamin C supplement in a convenient powder form.

•Free of yeast, salt, wheat products (gluten), artificial sweeteners and flavouring, sucrose and lactose.

Vitamin C is removed along with each toxin and it is difficult to supply sufficient levels of this antioxidant in the diet. There are two critical requirements when supplementing with Vitamin C. The ascorbic acid component must be buffered with a mineral complex to prevent damage to beneficial gut organisms (ascorbic acid can be a biocide in its raw form). Secondly, the Vitamin C must contain a significant percentage of bio-flavonoids to insure maximum performance. BioSpark from NTS is fully buffered with a mineral complex involving magnesium, calcium, zinc, sulphur and phosphate. It also contains the optimum percentage of bio-flavonoids in the form of hesperidin.

Chia-Tone Click for detailed descriptionChiaTone™

ChiaTone™ features the tiny seeds of an ancient South American herb. When soaked in water, these seeds form a gel that is incredibly rich in nutrients and soluble fibre but are free from gluten.

ChiaTone™ can offer enhanced hydration, sustained energy and broad-spectrum nutrition for anyone involved in sports or manual labour and may also reduce fatigue and boost concentration for those confined to the office. Aztec warriors sustained themselves for days with a single pouch of chia seed providing their nutrition and energy.

"It is difficult to imagine a food source with more benefits than chia. It is the highest known plant-source of omega 3 and contains luxury levels of all 8 essential amino acids. It has 4 times more antioxidants than blueberries, and contains high levels of B12, folic acid, calcium and magnesium."


•One of the highest plant sources of Omega 3 fatty acids.

•Slows the absorption of carbohydrates.

•Contains exceptional levels of soluble & insoluble fibre to promote regularity.

•Helps neutralise the negatives of high G.I foods.

•Contains twice the protein concentration of most grains.

•Involves the perfect calcium to magnesium ratio.

•Features a phenomenal antioxidant/ORAC score of 10,000.

This Ancient Omega Superfood is one of the most nutrient-dense food substances on the planet and it represents a dynamic new component of a proactive diet.

One tablespoon of ChiaTone™ becomes nine tablespoons of nutritious gel which can keep you feeling for full for hours. This feeling of 'fullness' maybe well justified considering the phenomenal levels of oils, proteins, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and fibre found in these remarkable seeds.

Cocoji Click for detailed descriptionCocoji™

Cocoji™ is the ultimate antioxidant food containing whole organic, Tibetan Goji Berries dipped in Delicious Premium Dark Chocolate. A guilt-free indulgence combining two of the world’s most powerful ‘defence foods’.

"It is widely accepted that free radical damage is linked to all of the degenerative diseases and it is the primary cause of ageing. Antioxidants may neutralise free radicals so our wellbeing and defence capacity is strongly influenced by our intake of antioxidants."


•Offers a nutrition-rich indulgence. Tasty treats are rarely so beneficial!

•Oxidative stress is part of modern life so antioxidant-rich food is essential.

•20 g per day is equivalent to the recommended antioxidant intake of 5000 ORAC points.

•“Defensive eating” is a simple, proactive strategy.

•Tibetan Goji berries contain the highest level of supportive carotenoids of any food.

The scientific measurement of antioxidant value is called the ORAC score. Blueberries were originally top of the ORAC charts with a score of 2500 and prunes were the leading dried fruit with a score of 5500. This was until the discovery of the tremendous antioxidant content of Tibetan Goji berries and the surprising supportive potential of dark chocolate. Dried Goji berries have an ORAC score of over 25000 while dark chocolate scores a remarkable 13000.

Historical Background

The nutrient dense Goji berry has been used as a medicine in Tibet and China for thousands of years while cacao has been used therapeutically for several hundred years. The Mayans consumed cacao liberally and valued it so highly that at one point it was used as a currency.

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