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PRODUCT GROUP:  Bio-Tech Organics
PRODUCT CATEGORY:  Humate composts
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Hydro-Humate Click for detailed descriptionHydro-Humate is a carefully blended mix of specially decomposed young agricultural brown coal (high in essential natural humic acid complexes) 'living' healthy biomass and cellulose fibres.
Hydro-Humate provides a safe home for soil fertility-generating microbes and provides for a controlled release of the amazing Fulvic acid soil invigorator.

Especially valuable for moisture retention. Hydro-Humate holds 4 times its own weight in water on a dry basis, provides microbe protection and is a vital food source for beneficial fungi.
Improves friability and aeration along with high stable humus and humate levels, to build super soils.

Suitable for use in all agricultural situations where soil organic matter/carbon levels require boosting, improved moisture retention and pH buffering.
Ideal as a base for prescription fertiliser blends mixed with other fertilisers like DAP, MAP, Ammonium sulfate, Urea, soft-rock phosphate, basalt and animal manures. Best incorporated into soils prior to planting, being biologically activated, however can be broadcast and watered in.

Hydro-Humate is very cost-effective from around $40.00/ton. ex Victoria

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