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PRODUCT CATEGORY:  Humate Composts
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Bio-Humate FF50 Click for pdf file in new window
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Click for detailed descriptionBIOLOGICALLY ACTIVE HUMATES

Composted humates are an ideal source of organic carbon which is generally low in many of Australia's farming soils.

Bio-Tech Organics uses various types of composted humate materials for most soil amelioration programs. One such product, Bio-Humate FF50 forms the basis of all prescription blends and contains around 400kgs of humus per ton of material. High in humic acid and fulvic acid, FF50 also contains many species of beneficial fungi and various other microorganisms which help to inoculate soils which may be low in these organisms.

For humate materials to be usefull they should be biologically active. The Ferbon composts are just that, with depletion time of the material at around 2.5 years in the soil. This is about 4-5 times the depletion time of a composted animal manure or cover crop. Primary composts do not contain humic acid and are really half-baked products by comparison to the humate composts, as humic and fulvic acid molecules take years to form from the decomposition of organic matter. Brown coal humates contain around 60-70% humic acid and are the ideal source of these valuable humic substances.

Bio-Humate FF50 is an integrated product made from a blend of natural, concentrated brown coal compost, stabilised humus and natural selected inputs.

Increased cation exchange capacity More efficient water use and retention Increased microbial activity Improved iron absorption High humus content (approx 40%) Increased buffering against excessive acidity, alkalinity and soil excesses Nitrogen stabilised, slow release from chelated fertiliser mix and soil microbial bank Improved aeration and oxygen supply to aerobic zone. Longer lasting than conventional composts.

FERBON BIO-HUMATE® - Areas for benefit
Increase nutrient retention in sandy soils; Improve long-tem aeration in clayey soils. Ameliorate salinity due to use of irrigation in areas such as the Murray - Darling Basin
Reduced applications over time, progressively stabilizing the organic carbon part of soil content.
Means healthier root zones, stems and leaves.
Better value for $
Improve protein & vitamin levels with improved shelf life.
More extensive plant root systems.
Reduced water costs; less leaching.
Isolates plants against excessive acidity and alkalinity. Increased buffering capacity.
Greatly improved soil structure, nutrient reserves and uptake.
Slow release from chelated fertilizer mix and soil microbial bank.
Allows good absorption of cations so longer resident life against leach-out; better plant utilization of added nutrients.
Natural locking-up and release of nutrients & improved balance against pests.
Leads to a reduction of the need for pesticides.
Results in darker, greener foliage rich in chlorophyll, improving ‘Brix’ levels.
Less possibly harmful effects on healt

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