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Product Group: Ferbon
Product Category: Liquid Fertilisers
Product Name: OF200 TE + Mn/Zn
Product Code: OF200
Brochure: Click for pdf file in new window
636 Kb
Short Description: 
FerbonTE Plus 200 liquid Manganese & Zinc Fertiliser is formulated to provide for specific trace element absorption in agricultural crops, where leaf tissue and fruit set conditions indicate deficiencies often activated by poor nutrient translocation and soil imbalance.

The biological and organic chelating additives include micro-nutrients to ensure efficient photosynthesis resulting in increased 'brix' levels from improved plant pigmentation.

Ferbon TE Plus 200 Manganese & Zinc is usefull where deficiencies are observed due to excessive soil potassium, sodium or phosphate , which can inhibit the uptake of manganese and/or zinc.

Click for pdf file in new window
636 Kb
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