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Product Group: NTS
Product Category: Dry Fertilisers
Product Name: NUtri-Store 180
Product Code: NS180
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Short Description: 
Nutri-Store 180™

A microbe-rich, high-carbon, composted fertiliser addressing the carbon depletion too common in contemporary agriculture. Nutri-Store 180® involves bituminous coal being converted into organic carbon, the element most lacking in conventional agriculture. The new generation fertiliser also includes colloidal phosphate, fish protein, cow manure and a secret vitamin and mineral formula. Nutri-Store 180® has been a highly successful base for Nutri-Tech Prescription Blends™ since 1995. Benefits: Sustainability Increased yields Improved soil structure pH-stability Microbe health Increased drought resistance Carbon holds four times its own weight in water Detoxifying and purifying Increased humus production Reduced leaching Better quality produce Longer shelf-life Rapid, balanced growth Increased soil paramagnetism.

Click for pdf file in new window
116 Kb
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