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Product Group: NTS
Product Category: Micronised Mineral Suspensions
Product Name: Mag-Life
Product Code: MMSMGL
Brochure: Click for pdf file in new window
120 Kb
Short Description: Mag-Life™

Magnesium is the central ion in a chlorophyll molecule. The majority of crops require some liquid magnesium supplementation, regardless of soil levels.

A high analysis source of micronised magnesium carbonate combined in a free-flowing suspension with fulvic acid and soil-life metabolites. Magnesium is a photosynthesis enhancer, which generally requires some supplementation in all cropping situations regardless of soil test results. Magnesium should be maintained at luxury levels for maximum yield.


•Magnesium is the central ion in a chloroplast molecule, making it essential for photosynthesis.

•Magnesium is a phosphate synergist.

•Magnesium is one of "The Big Four" elements which should always be maintained at luxury levels in the leaf for maximum yield and plant health.

•Contains more than twice as much magnesium than any of the soluble magnesium alternatives.

•Features a slow-release trickle, which feeds the plant for a longer period.

•Also contains biological metabolites derived from beneficial soil micro-organisms.
•A "fast food" source of magnesium in the soil.

•To promote the precision required to build luxury levels of magnesium, i.e. elemental magnesium can be applied without unwanted sulphate or nitrate carriers.

Click for pdf file in new window
120 Kb
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