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Product Group: NTS
Product Category: Humates
Product Name: NTS Liquid Humus
Product Code: NTSLH
Brochure: Click for pdf file in new window
135 Kb
Short Description: NTS Liquid Humus™

A 12% humic acid liquid for use as a fertiliser, stabiliser/magnifier, plant growth promotant, soil life activator and soil conditioner. A rich dark brown liquid humic acid derived from potassium humates containing 12% humic acid and good levels of fulvic acid. Benefits: Biological Farmers of Australia (BFA) Registered Product 456AI. Detoxifies chemicals and heavy metals. Stabilises urea and other sources of nitrogen. Chelates all cations. Promotes and feeds beneficial fungi. Improves soil structure. Enhances root development. Increases nutrient uptake.

Click for pdf file in new window
135 Kb
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